Perchlorate in fruit and vegetables – testing done at ifp

There have been various reports on the discovery of perchlorate in a variety of fruit and vegetables (source: BMU - German Federal Ministry for the Environment).


Temporary EU ban on three pesticides: ifp offers neonicotinoid analytics

The European Commission has decided to temporarily ban three pesticides. A simple majority of the EU member states had voted in favour of this decision in the Appeal Committee on 20 April 2013.


ifp establishes MALDI-TOF technology for identification of microorganisms

In the field of microbiology, ifp has established MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry (Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization - Time of Flight) as a method for the identification of bacteria, yeasts and moulds.


ifp announces breakthrough in allergen analysis: novel extraction method coupled with newly developed ELISA kits

With its newly developed ELISA product line for the analysis of food allergens, ifp Institut für Produktqualität is offering an unbeatably simple and fast workflow from sample extraction to the analytical result for application in industrial and test laboratories.


Foreign DNA in organic vegetables – ifp offers CMS hybrid detection

Surveys commissioned by a TV magazine found foreign genetic material in 17 out of 37 vegetable samples that had been bought from various organic food shops. The samples in question are hybrid species that were grown by means of the CMS method (cytoplasmatic male sterility).