Preservatives are substances that serve above all to make foodstuffs keep longer. These substances hamper the growth of microorganisms and/or protect food from pathogenic microorganisms, hence extending its shelf life. Most preservatives are subject to regulations concerning their use and quantities used. Preservatives are used in a large variety of foods – yet only if their use has been proved to be technologically necessary. Preservatives are found in (among other products):

  • bakery products
  • dried fruit
  • fruit juices
  • lemonades

Since June 1st, 2013 the use of preservatives has been regulated by Annex II Part B No. 3 of Regulation (EC) No. 1333/2008 on additives. Annex II Part B No. 3 lists all the currently approved preservatives. Whether the respective preservative is subject to quantitative restrictions depends on the food category the food is assigned to that the substance is used in.

At ifp Institut für Produktqualität preservatives are determined by means of HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography).