Allergen and hygiene inspections

ifp Institute for Product Quality offers inspection services in the field of hygiene and allergen management for the food processing, hotel and gastronomy industry as services. This underscores the longstanding expertise of ifp in hygiene management, as well as in the field of food allergens.

Inspections (audits) by external service providers offer more security for food manufacturers in warranting food safety and compliance with duties of care, and in implementing a functional allergen management system.

Our inspection service offers added value for all food-processing businesses, in particular by saving time and providing an independent, external viewpoint.

Inspections for producers, hotels and catering

The relates to inspections in the field of hygiene management and allergen management in food processing facilities, in the catering sector, as well as in hospitality and care facilities. It also comprises sampling and examinations of environmental samples and the on-site documentation of allergens by means of immunological rapid testing.

Inspection programmes related to allergen and hygiene management can be tailored to the specific needs of customers upon request. For further information, please see the following links:

Inspections based on expertise and diligence

ifp services offer the necessary certainty in regard to product liability, ensure the hygienic safety of food and consumer protection.

Our inspectors

  • are experts in all matters of food safety relating to hygiene and allergens
  • proceed in a meticulous, structured and considerate manner
  • inspect all issues independently, objectively and based on technical expertise