Where do sulphites occur?

Sulphites (or sulfites) are the salts and esters of sulphurous acid. In the food industry, they are often used as preservatives in dried fruits, potato products and wine. However, the latter naturally contains sulphites.

Sulphites occur in low concentrations in fermented grape juice. Sulphurous acid is produced by yeast that naturally occur in grape must during the fermentation process. Hence, it is contained in all wines at a concentration of up to 30 mg / l.1)

What reactions are caused by sulphites?

In sensitive people, the consumption of food containing sulphite can lead to intolerance reactions, e.g. asthmatic reactions, difficulty swallowing or itching.1)


Substances or products requiring labelling which may cause allergies or intolerances are listed in Annex II of the Food Information Regulation (Regulation [EU] No 1169/2011 ). Sulphur dioxide and sulphites in a concentration greater than 10 mg/kg (l) expressed as SO2 relative to the product ready for consumption or returned to its original state according to the manufacturer's instructions must be labelled.