Identification of microorganisms

Fast and safe identification of microorganisms is a prerequisite for expert evaluation and for controlling contamination in a large variety of food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical  production, and also in the context of hygiene tests. ifp Institut für Produktqualität offers the following options for identification of microorganisms:

Identification is done based on samples such as:

  • isolates, pure and mixed cultures on solid media or in liquid solutions
  • media from monitoring, such as contact plates, air samples, slides
  • plates from assays to determine microbial counts

Microorganisms can be isolated for subsequent identification from almost any type of samples from food right up to objects of daily use. Identification requires the availability of a pure culture, which is produced on a suitable medium after subcultivation.

Preservation of microorganisms

ifp Institut für Produktqualität offers long-term storage of identified isolates, for use as additional test cultures or facility-specific monitoring isolates in tests and validations or for the purpose of comparison.