Sensory analysis in the quality assessment of foodstuffs

The sensory properties of foodstuffs have become an increasingly important quality criterion in recent years. Sensory analysis involves scientific tests which investigate the link between products (ingredients, constituents, packaging materials) and their perception and evaluation by the human senses.

Areas of application in the food sector include:

  • Product development
  • Quality improvement/quality control
  • Checking minimum shelf life
  • Assessing packaging and packaging materials

Our services for the food industry

Our services include the following sensory tests:

  • Simple descriptive test
  • Ranking tests
  • Triangular test
  • Inspection of minimum shelf life of foodstuffs

Sensory analysis at the ifp: state-of-the-art premises, trained inspectors

The ifp Institute for Product Quality has a sensory analysis room equipped in accordance with ASU L 00.90-2:2015-06. This includes a preparation area, an area for group investigations as well as a separate room with eight booths for individual testing and training.

Our inspectors are selected on the basis of their sensory skills. Regular internal aptitude tests comprising recognition tests, ranking tests, triangular tests and descriptive tests based on ASU L 00.90-10:2015-06 ensure the consistent quality of the sensory tests. In addition to this, product-specific knowledge is constantly updated through separate training.

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