Enzymatic Food Analysis in a Microtiter Plate Format

With the new EnzymeFast® product line ifp transfers the benefits of traditional enzymatic food analysis into an up to date and convenient microtiter plate format. This allows a high degree of automation as well as high precision and accuracy. The time-consuming use of cuvettes according to the conventional method is not needed anymore. Food manufacturers and food testing labs can now perform their routine analyses fast and efficiently.

The EnzymeFast® product line includes ready-to-use test kits for the enzymatic determination of sugars (e. g. lactose / D-galactose, sucrose / glucose / fructose), organic acids (e. g. malic acid, lactic acid, citric acid) and other metabolites. The test kits contain all required reagents (buffers, enzyme solutions, standard and test control) as well as a 96 well UV microtiter plate.

Measurements are carried out in a microtiter plate photometer. A calibration curve is generated from the standard dilution in order to calculate the quantitative test results.

Information on enzymatic food analysis

Enzymatic methods have been used for the analysis of sugars, acids, alcohols and other metabolites for decades. Even today it is not possible to imagine routine food testing without them. Due to the use of purified enzymes, enzymatic assays are highly specific and sensitive, allowing the quantitative determination of the analyte even in complex matrices. Thus precise and accurate results can be achieved with a variety of different food matrices.

However, the classical methods are very labour-intensive and require a high rate of material consumption as each sample is set up and measured separately in a glass or plastic cuvette. For that reason cuvette-based routine analysis is still very time-consuming, particularly at medium to high sample throughput.

EnzymeFast® is a registered trademark of ifp.

ifp is also offering enzymatic service testing.