Environmental hygiene

To capture and check the microbiological status in the production environment, ifp offers accredited to take environmental hygiene samples in the food processing industry.

Generally all surfaces, fixtures and furnishings, food contact materials as well as staff can be tested using various techniques:

  • Swabs
  • Contact plates
  • Wipes

Inspection and consultations on all aspects of environmental hygiene

  • Running and reviewing monitoring programmes
    the sampling point, sampling technique, frequency, test parameters and evaluating the results
  • Inspection of cleaning and disinfecting measures
  • PEM (pathogen environmental monitoring)
    Testing for pathogenic microorganisms in the production environment
  • Staff monitoring
  • Sampling and identification of causes in case of process failure

ifp concept for PEM (pathogen environmental monitoring)

 General information:

Pathogen Environmental Monitoring (PEM) is a dynamic verification tool. With this tool, the likelihood of detection can be increased; this means that the risk of environment-related contamination can be assessed, and defined measures can be implemented. Common standards in the food industry require PEM as the verification method.

With the help of the identification of pathogenic micro-organisms, such as salmonellae and listeria, indicator microorganisms, such as Enterobacteriaceae and coliform microorganisms, and other microorganisms using air and water monitoring, the implementation of sound hygiene and manufacturing practice (GHP and GMP) can be verified.

PEM concept

We provide support for

  • classifying the production process into areas
  • creating the zone concept
  • creating sampling plans / monitoring concepts
  • selecting materials
  • training employees
  • sampling and monitoring
  • reviewing/assisting in the internal sampling and monitoring