Quantification of GMO

As a result of regulations (EC) no. 1829/2003 and 1830/2003, the threshold value of 0.9 % relative GMO content necessitates a quantification of the GMO to decide about the declaration of the food. This threshold value is a relative value referring to a particular ingredient in the food. If a food contains an ingredient with 1% soya content, a maximum of 0.9% of this soya content may come from genetically modified soya without triggering a labelling requirement. Addionally, the quantification allows the differentiation of low, unavoidable contaminations occurring during the process of production from larger contaminations with genetically modified organisms.

ifp offers the following parameters:


  • Roundup-Ready-Soy


  • MON810-corn
  • Bt176-corn
  • Bt11-corn
  • TC1507-corn
  • T25-corn
  • NK 603-corn
  • GA21-corn


  • Roundup-Ready-Canola
  • LibertyLink-Canola