Quantification of GMO

As a result of regulations (EC) no. 1829/2003 and 1830/2003, the threshold value of 0.9 % relative GMO content necessitates a quantification of the GMO to decide about the declaration of the food. This threshold value is a relative value referring to a particular ingredient in the food. If a food contains an ingredient containing 1 % soy, for example, a maximum of 0.9 % of this share of soy may originate from genetically modified soy. Addionally, the quantification allows the differentiation of low, unavoidable contaminations occurring during the process of production from larger contaminations with genetically modified organisms.

ifp offers the following parameters:


  • P-35S Promotor


  • Roundup-Ready-Soy


  • MON810-corn
  • Bt176-corn
  • Bt11-corn
  • TC1507-corn
  • T25-corn
  • NK 603-corn
  • GA21-corn


  • Roundup-Ready-Canola
  • LibertyLink-Canola