Microbiological testing of drugs and pharmaceuticals

Microbiological detection methods play a crucial role in the pharmaceutical industry, since they are applied in most steps starting with product development right up to final release by Quality Assurance. Here products are checked for sterility or for the absence of pathogenic germs which can trigger infections. Moreover, microbiological contamination of pharmaceuticals must remain under a defined threshold value. 

Institut für Produktqualität's parameters for the detection of microbiological analysis are:

  • Tests for microbial puritiy
  • Validation of tests for microbial purity
  • Test for efficient antimicrobial preservation
  • Tests for bacterial endotoxins
  • Validation of bacterial endotoxin tests
  • Water analyses
  • Culture media growth promotion tests
  • Monitoring sample analyses
  • Bioindicator testing
  • Identification of microorganisms