Hygiene management for manufacturers, kitchens and catering

The term “hygiene” (Greek: hygieia - health) can be translated as health care or the science of preserving health. Hence, hygienic measures are preventive measures with the aim of protecting health. According to the Codex Alimentarius, the term “food hygiene” encompasses “all conditions and measures necessary for the extraction, processing, storage and distribution of food to obtain a product, which is not harmful to health (safe), healthy and easily digestible and thus suitable for human consumption”.

 Professional hygiene management: the best way to prepare for official food inspections or certification audits

Anyone who places food products onto the market is obliged to ensure the safety of those products. The requirements that apply to manufacturers, industrial kitchens, caterers, etc. have become stricter through a series of EU Regulations introduced from 2002 to 2005. Benefit from our experience in dealing with authorities, inspection bodies and certification bodies as the optimal preparation for audits. Our systematic, functional and complete hygiene management comprises:

Hygiene inspections for producers, kitchens and caterers

During an inspection, the food company’s premises, processes and documents are checked for compliance with statutory requirements, guidelines and standards regarding hygienic and structural requirements.

  • Consultation and specification of the inspection programme, taking into account focus areas (hygiene, construction, pathogen monitoring) as applicable.
  • Inspection along the manufacturing chain including sampling
    • Staff hygiene, process hygiene and food hygiene
    • Hygienic premises, devices and environment
    • Cleaning and disinfection
    • Traceability and in-house logistics
    • Document review, especially of the HACCP and management system
  • Preparation of a report listing non-conformities and relevant recommendations
  • Issue of a certificate on request

Hygiene inspections