ifp announces breakthrough in allergen analysis: novel extraction method coupled with newly developed ELISA kits

With its newly developed ELISA product line for the analysis of food allergens, ifp Institut für Produktqualität is offering an unbeatably simple and fast workflow from sample extraction to the analytical result for application in industrial and test laboratories.

For the first time ever, sample processing no longer requires preparing an extraction buffer and extracting samples in a water-bath. Instead, merely two steps need to be carried out:

  • adding two extraction capsules to the homogenized sample
  • extracting with hot water (15 seconds)

The capsules contain standardized quantities of the extraction substances required for efficient sample extraction and dissolve in hot water within seconds, as does the sample itself. In combination with the 30-minute incubation time of the subsequent ELISA assay, this is the fastest allergen ELISA protocol available on the market.

The parameters already available at the time of launch include egg, casein, peanut, hazelnut, macadamia and almond. Except for egg, all the analyses can be performed from one single sample extract, since the extraction capsules used contain no parameter-specific components. Unlike with some ELISA products available on the market, which in part use milk powder as extraction additive, the use of the capsules is absolutely dust- and allergen-free and hence avoids false-positive results.

Extensive validation studies of all the kits showed high specificity and very low detection limits in various matrices. Moreover, the ELISAs guarantee a high level of result conformity even when examining different dilutions of the same sample extract.

The kits are distributed by our sales partner Romer Labs, who have been successfully marketing ifp’s AgraStrip® allergen rapid tests in LFD format since 2010. The new test kits, available under the brand name AgraQuant® F.A.S.T., are now being sold all over the world.