Christmas outlook: donations instead of customer presents

Although December is not here yet, the countdown for organising Christmas is running already in many companies. This year ifp will not send Christmas cards or presents to customers.


GM foods: ifp becomes Non-GMO Project and VLOG partner lab

ifp is further expanding its activities in the field of GMO detection in food and feed. We have now also been listed as a GMO laboratory by the US Non-GMO Project and by the German VLOG (Association Food without Genetic Engineering).


New classification of food extracts with colouring properties

Starting November 29th 2015 all foods containing colouring components must comply with the “Guidance notes on the classification of food extracts with colouring properties”. This document classifies such food extracts as either “colouring food” or “food colour”.


Trans fatty acids in the spotlight

The fact that the FDA called for a ban on partially hydrogenated fats last June has revived the discussion about trans fatty acids in Europe as well. Partially hydrogenated vegetable fats are the main source of harmful longer-chain trans fatty acids in processed foods.


Insects – food of the future?

What seems disconcerting or revolting to us today may become a common dish on European plates some time in the future. The EU is increasingly dealing with the emerging significance of insects as food. This has less to do with the innovative power of our food industry, but rather indicates a matter-of-fact acknowledgement of the global realities of consumption and demand.