GC×GC-TOF method for the determination of mineral oil constituents in complex mixtures

Research expertise and accredited service combined: The ifp Institut für Produktqualität now offers a highly selective method which uses ifp's own GC×GC-TOF for the characterisation and quantification of mineral oil constituents in complex matrices.


ifp and MQD create joint venture in Güstrow

ifp Institute for Product Quality and MQD Güstrow have created a joint venture in Güstrow (federal state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania): MQD Institut für Analytik, Hygiene und Produktqualität GmbH.

01.08.2017 / Update 09.08.2017

Eggs contaminated with fipronil recalled – take precautions

In the Netherlands, several million eggs were recalled from sale. The reason for this was contamination with the insecticide fipronil, which is used against fleas, lice, ticks, cockroaches and mites, amongst other pests. Furthermore, more than ten million of the affected eggs were delivered to Germany. In the interim, ALDI removed the eggs entirely from sale – the only supermarket chain to do so.


Gluten-labelling practices in the USA examined

The American company Gluten Free Watchdog has investigated the gluten content of 101 different foodstuffs whose list of ingredients did not mention gluten-containing grains. The aim was to test whether and to what extent labelling practices offer coeliac sufferers enough relevant and reliable information in an everyday context. The results of this study have been published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.


Unlicensed textile dye “Reactive Red 195” found in foodstuffs

Following the public release of an RASFF notification about the presence of the unlicensed colouring “Reactive Red 195” in fruit concentrate originating in Mexico, scientists from the University of Hohenheim looked into proving the presence of the textile dye in what was supposedly “Hibiscus and beetroot extract” in the journal “Food Control”. The results of this investigation have previously been available online and can now also be found in the print version of the journal’s December issue.