New draft ordinance on mineral oils

The Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection has presented a new draft ordinance on mineral oils.


GMO pollen in honey not required to be declared

Following directive 2014/63/EU of 15 May 2014 amending honey directive 2001/110/EC, pollen is not defined as an ingredient, but as a natural constituent of honey. This amendment overturns a decision of the European Court of Justice of 2011 which had defined pollen as an ingredient.

11.06. 2014

Genetically modified apples in the US and in Canada

Genetically modified applies are about to be approved for sale in Canada and the United States. Canadian developer Okanagan Specialty Fruits announced that US approval was imminent and that Canadian approval was to follow shortly.


Detection of ESBL-producing microorganisms at ifp

ifp Institut für Produktqualität offers the microbiological and molecular biological detection of ESBL-producing microorganisms in meat and sausage products.


Detection of chlorate residues in foods

The analytical services of ifp Institut für Produktqualität now also include the detection of chlorate residues in foods by means of LC-MS/MS.