Current tests for pesticide residues

At the end of March, the CVUA Stuttgart presented an evaluation of the analysis results from the year 2020 with regard to the current substances in conventional fresh fruit. The samples were routinely analysed using both the QuEChERS Multi method and the QuPPe method for very polar substances.

Of the 618 samples analysed for over 750 different active substances, residues were detected in 97% of the samples. 5.3% of the samples showed that the maximum residue levels were exceeded (comparison 2019: 5.7%). An evaluation by origin shows that the countries of origin with the higher rates of exceedance are mostly third countries.

If the results are analysed according to fruit types, exotic fruits and citrus fruits show the highest percentage of exceedances. Pomegranates are particularly critical in this respect, with 24% of the samples exceeding the maximum levels (comparison with 2019: 10%).

In addition, 47 frozen fruit products from conventional cultivation were examined. All samples showed residues of pesticide active substances, in 19% of the samples a maximum residue level was exceeded.

If you are interested in a test, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our pesticide multi-method covers about 650 active substances and we also offer a variety of additional tests.

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Source: https://www.cvuas.de/pub/beitrag.asp?subid=1&Thema_ID=5&ID=3345&lang=DE&Pdf=No