Resolutions of the 88th Working Meeting of the ALTS

The resolutions of the 88th working meeting of the ALTS (food hygiene and food of animal origin working group) have been published on the website of the BVL (Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety) and in the Journal for Consumer Protection and Food Safety.

The ALTS decisions have no legally binding character. However, they reflect the opinion of the representatives of food control and, in addition to other sources, represent relevant and important interpretation aids for food law regulations.

Among numerous decisions are topics such as:

  • Assessment of STEC (syn. VTEC) in flour and products made from it products such as baking mixtures and fresh doughs (decision 2021/88/02)
  • Admissibility of the claim "I feel good" in direct connection with the claim of being lactose-free (Decision 2021/88/04)
  • LMIV - Labelling of ingredients with a class name and the phrase "in variable proportions by weight" (decision 2021/88/05)
  • Assessment of allergy information (decision 2021/88/15)

These and all other decisions are available on the BVL1 website.

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