New guidelines for oil seeds, masses made from them and other confectionery products

With the new version, the guidelines have been conformed in their form and structure to other guiding principles that have already been revised. Some products such as various oil seeds (e.g. pecan kernels, coconut) and types of marzipan (e.g. Edelmarzipan, Königsberger marzipan) were added.

The new guidelines include characteristic properties and basic features of production. For example, due to the different almond qualities on the world market, the key figures for marzipan were modified; for example, the almond oil content was reduced to 27 %. In addition, the M0 standard, which is common in the B2B sector, was included in addition to the previously listed marzipan industry standard MI. In the case of persipan raw mass, the characteristics are unchanged, but the starch additive has been deleted, as nowadays other methods are routinely available to distinguish between marzipan and persipan.

There were also changes to the nougat products, for example minimum proportions of nuts were defined.

If you have any questions about the new guidelines for oilseeds, masses made from them and other confectionery products, we will be happy to advise you.

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