Verification of authenticity in food of animal origin

In 2021, various meat products and dairy products were examined in the Chemical and Veterinary Investigation Offices (CVUA) of Baden-Württemberg with regard to the declared animal species. The samples came from the catering industry, the trade and directly from food manufacturers.

37 out of 657 examined samples showed an abnormal result regarding the authenticity of the declared animal species. Convenience foods were most frequently affected by differing declarations. The declared animal species were not correct in 14 (10.1 %) of 139 samples.

Cheeses labeled as Feta, which were made exclusively from cow's milk, also showed conspicuous results. The trademark "Feta" is legally protected, which means that Feta is guaranteed to be made from sheep's milk, possibly mixed with goat's milk.

Thanks to modern molecular biological methods, ifp is able to identify numerous animal species quickly and reliably.

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