Green Claim - Green promises, sustainable solutions

Sustainability is playing an increasingly important role for consumers when making purchasing decisions in the supermarket. As a result, more and more manufacturers are advertising with green claims. These are not uniformly regulated in the EU, which is why numerous German courts have already dealt with environmental claims such as "climate-neutral" and in some cases banned them.

The European Commission's draft directive on green claims, which was published this month, is intended to create uniformity.

The draft guidelines include the following points: 

  • Green claims must be substantiated with scientific evidence
  • Companies must clearly show which statement relates to their own operations and what part relies on buying offsets
  • Before green claims can be used, they must be checked by an independent verifier
  • Strict rules for private environmental labels
  • Comparisons between products or organisations must be fair and based on equivalent information and data
  • Obligation of member states to control the regulations

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