Statements of the 119th meeting of the ALS

The statements of the 119th meeting of the ALS (Working Group of Food Chemistry Experts of the German Federal States and the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety) have been published on the website of the BVL (Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety) and in the Journal for Consumer Protection and Food Safety.

The statements of the ALS are not legally binding, but represent an important interpretation guide for food law regulations and issues.

The published statement cover the following topics, among others:

Opinion No 2022/16: Various production methods and associated labelling for oat and rice drinks are explained, especially when reference is made to the absence of sugar.

Opinion No 2022/26: Tea-like products or products made from them for children, whose overall presentation gives the impression that they are also intended for infants and young children, are to be assessed according to § 7 para. 1 FrSaftErfrischGetrTeeV, unless the manufacturer explicitly excludes the use for this age group in the labelling.

Furthermore, there are statements on the designation of complementary foods and the labelling of the claim "GMO-free" in connection with other statements.

These and all other statements can be found on the BVL1 website.

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