Nutri-Score: adjusted Algorithm - Part 2

The five-level colour and letter scale, which ranges from a green A to a red E, was already adjusted last autumn in the categories "general foods" and "fats and oils".

Now, the steering committee of COEN countries (Countries officially engaged in Nutri-Score) has finalised the second of the three planned changes.

The latest adjustments concern the product category "beverages".

The following points were adjusted:

  • Assessment of milk, milk drinks and plant-based drinks as beverages instead of as general foodstuffs as before.
  • Better differentiation of beverages with low sugar content from beverages with high sugar content
  • No favouring of sweeteners, therefore the use of sweeteners will be considered with "negative points" in the future

It remains unchanged that water is the only beverage to receive an A rating.

The adjusted algorithm will apply from 31.12.2023. To ensure that goods or packaging already produced do not have to be destroyed as a result of the change, there is a transitional period until the end of 2025 for companies that already use the Nutri-Score.

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