Food Fraud - How do you protect your food?

For food operators, the procurement of safe raw materials in sufficient quantities is currently a challenge. Due to geopolitical and pandemic crises and the resulting crop failures and supply shortages, the global supply chains pose particular risks for food fraud.

Innovative and secure analytics can help protect your company from such deceptions and avoid the associated damage to your image and financial losses.

Our experienced team carries out various targeted analyses for you. Due to our state-of-the-art technical equipment, we have a wide range of methods at our disposal, from wet chemical to molecular biological and high-resolution chromatographic methods. Depending on the matrix and the question, we can offer a customized spectrum of analysis.

Excerpt of our analysis spectrum:

Parameter Methods
Authenticity testing of vanilla HPLC
Apricot components in marzipan PCR
Wheat content in spelt flour PCR
Animal species in meat products PCR
Olive, vine leaves, myrtle in spices PCR
Bean, pea, rice in flours LC-MS/MS
Cereal flour composition LC-MS/MS
Nut content in flours and bakery products LC-MS/MS


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