Nutri-Score: adapted Algorithm

Since 2020, the Nutri-Score can be used in Germany as a voluntary, additional labelling element. The five-level colour and letter scale represent a simplified nutrition declaration. This year, the steering committee of the so-called COEN countries (Countries officially engaged in Nutri-Score) agreed to proposals for adjustments regarding the calculation of the Nutri-Score.

In the first step, changes will be made in the categories "General foods" and "Fats and oils". The modifications are intended to improve the informative value and differentiability of the ratings and to ensure that current nutrition recommendations are taken into account.

For these purposes, the following points have been adapted:

  • Foods with high sugar and salt content are rated more strictly;
  • Adjustments in the fat and oil category allow better differentiation between vegetable oils. Oils with a low proportion of saturated fatty acids and a favourable nutrient profile can achieve a better rating;
  • The modification of the dietary fibre component allows a better differentiation between whole grain products, which are naturally rich in dietary fibre, and processed foods with relatively little dietary fibre;
  • Meat and meat products are evaluated in accordance with the current dietary recommendation;
  •  Because of their nutrient profile, fish and seafood can score better.

With the above-mentioned amendments, the first of a total of three parts was initially published. This year, the panel would like to adopt amendments for the category "beverages". In 2023, the product group "fruit and vegetables" is to be adjusted. As soon as the steering committee's deliberations on the adaptation of the algorithm are completed, the terms of use of the Nutri-Score will be updated. A transition period for companies already using the Nutri-Score will be granted.

We will be happy to advise you on all aspects of the Nutri-Score. We will check the calculation and presentation of the simplified nutrition declaration for you.

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