LFGB - Deadline for traceability documentation comes into effect

There were numerous new regulations to the LFGB as part of the fourth amendment of 2021.

One controversial new regulation concerns traceability. Previously, Paragraph 44 (3) of the LFGB stipulated that information must be transmitted in electronic form upon request by the authority if it is available to the food or feed business operator in electronic form.

Since 01.09.2022, however, there is an obligation to hold the relevant information in such a way that it will be able to be transmitted electronically to the competent authority no later than 24 hours after request. In addition, the information must be transmitted in a structured, machine-readable and common format from 31.12.2022 onwards.

Thus, in a sense, there is an obligation to keep the traceability documentation electronically in the future. A definition of the form required for transmission has not yet been made.

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