The new regulations for organic food come into effect

Since 01.01.2022, new EU legislation has come into force for organic food. The new Organic Basic Regulation (EU) 2018/848 and the Implementing Regulation (EU) 2021/1165 contain some innovations compared to previous legislation.

Previously, only live and unprocessed products, seeds, plant propagating material, processed food and feed, as well as products from aquaculture and beekeeping could bear the designation "organic".  In future, other products such as yeast, mate, sea salt and traditional plant-based preparations will also be able to obtain organic certification. In addition, the regulation now also contains specifications on the use of disinfectants and cleaning agents in processing plants as well as provisions on the intentional introduction of nanomaterials.

Even though the labelling regulations for pre-packaged organic food remain largely the same, adjustments to existing declarations may be necessary due to some innovations. For example, changes have been made for the use of flavourings. Flavourings fall under ingredients of agricultural origin and must therefore be included in the calculation of the proportion of agricultural products in an organic claim. The list of additives permitted for organic food has also been partially modified. In the future, the list will allow more additives and the number of substances that must originate from organic production has increased.


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