New rapid method established at ifp

The determination of the total fat content is carried out using the latest NMR technology at CEM's Oracle. In contrast to conventional rapid methods, which are based on near-infrared spectroscopy, NMR technology does not require matrix-specific calibration. This allows universal use of the method in the food and feed sector. In addition, the measurement is more environmentally friendly because solvents can be saved.

With the new method, the homogenised sample only has to be pre-dried to a moisture content below 10 %, tempered for 1 h and then measured. The results are very comparable with the classical wet-chemical variant according to Weibull-Stoldt and the analysis time is reduced by several hours.

Furthermore, the moisture or dry matter content of the sample can be determined during pre-drying. The analysis time is only a few minutes and provides results that are very comparable with the classical drying method (102 °C with sea sand).

With the new, precise rapid method, we can offer you faster processing times for the analysis of the parameters fat, dry matter and moisture. If you are interested in an analysis or have any questions about the analysis times, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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