EU approves import of ten new events of genetically modified crops

The EU Commission has approved the import and use in food and feed of ten new genetically modified organisms. The approval processes included positive scientific evaluations by the EFSA. The last time the Commission gave approval to a GMO was in November 2013.

The newly approved types are as follows:

  • Corn
    • MON 87460
  • Soy
    • MON 87705
    • MON 87708
    • MON 87769
    • 305423
    • BPS CV127 9
  • Rapeseed
    • MON 88302
  • Cotton
    • T304-40
    • MON 88913
    • LLCotton25xGHB614

These approvals do not apply to cultivation in the EU. Along with the new approvals stated here, the Commission as also renewed seven already valid approvals (corn, rapeseed, cotton) and approved the import of two genetically modified cut flower types (carnation).

Do not hesitate to contact ifp Institut für Produktqualität if you have any questions regarding the detection of GMO in food and feed.