New shareholder structure at ifp

The ifp has gained a new financially strong shareholder and investor in Battery Ventures. Battery - based in the USA and with representatives worldwide - invests in innovative and technology-oriented companies with great potential for the future. The ifp meets these requirements.

Battery will invest in further growth and structural optimisation and make targeted acquisitions that match and complement ifp. One focus, among others, is internationalisation.

"After founding and building ifp into a renowned company, it is a particular pleasure for me to be able to give ifp a secure and promising future," says Dr Wolfgang Weber, Managing Director and founder of ifp.

"I am delighted about this development and see Battery as a partner for the future who shares our vision and philosophy and will actively support and stand by us in the future," adds Carolin Poweleit, Managing Director.

Co-founder, long-time companion and main shareholder Dr. Jochem leaves ifp. Dr Weber still holds shares in the company. Carolin Poweleit and Dr Wolfgang Weber will also continue to run the business in unchanged form.

Our services continue to be available to our customers in the usual form in all respects.

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