The hazelnut spread Nusspli by Zentis bears the quality seal of Institut für Produktqualität in the future.

By this award the high quality of this product and involved strict quality assurances are highlighted for the consumers. Therefore, ZENTIS increases its quality awareness for Nusspli-products again.

“Here, we control the raw-materials as well as the complete process of production including the processed and completed product,” comments Dr. Wolfgang Weber, general manager of ifp.

Business activities

Our business activities of the quality seal include the quality assurance beginning from the origin to the processed product. The criteria are composed of:

  • Auditing of raw-material suppliers
    Controls of the suppliers on-site and of the raw-materials in the country of origin are carried out
  • Product purity and identity
    Inspection of quality and purity of used raw-materials
  • Analysis of hazel nuts for residues and contaminants
    Analysis of hazel nuts for pesticides, heavy metals contaminants and other residues
  • Auditing production facilities and production controls
    Control of the production and production processes on-site
  • Product analysis
    Performance of sensoric, microbiological, chemical-analytical, immunological and microbiological analysis of the ingredients and analysis of the nutrient values
  • Check of retraceability
    Retraceability studies of all ingredients of all products and fork to farm
  • Check of packaging
    All packages and outer packages are proved according current
  • Hidden purchases of products (“mystery shopping”) with following evaluation
    Repeatly purchase of products in stores and analysis of products under neutral conditions